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Shelter In Place Quarantine Status

Travis county is under a “Shelter in Place” Quarantine status, so we are temporarily closed. As we are a non-essential business, we are following the law to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As we are doing our duty, we have both of our tiny humans home with us so communication is slowed down immensely to you and all of our clients. Please be patient during this world crisis, as they are not old enough to understand what is going on and that we need to work.

Since we can’t see anyone else, we were able to get in a little session with my own baby. The shirt JD is wearing belonged to his great grandpa John Daniel. It was made and embroidered by his mother our of a flour sack!

vintage toddler photography

vintage baby studio photographyvintage toddler studio photography


What to Bring in Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

If you have found this post you are probably SO close to the finish line of your pregnancy. Doesn’t the last month just seem like time drags!? Baby boy or baby girl will be here soon, so just take a deep breath, relax and hopefully this post will help you do just that… at least relax about what to bring in your hospital bag. 🙂


  • Your Phone/ A Camera
  • Going Home Clothes for You & Baby: if you want to be super minimalist, you can wear what you came in wearing
  • Phone Charger

Seriously, St. David’s Hospital, Baylor Scott & White Labor & Delivery, & Seton Hospital will have everything you absolutely have to have for mom & baby. You may or may not use the following from your bag:

  • Nursing Shirt: basically one that has easy access to the milk and comfortable. Button up nighty worked great for me. — they do have the hospital gowns too if you’re good with those
  • Loose pants/ Yoga Pants (preferably black to avoid possible staining)
  • Robe: I wore this over my nursing shirt when company came
  • Nursing Bra/ tank
  • Slippers/ Non-Slick Socks: I just wore the non-slip socks they give at the hospital though
  • Pillow: If you’re attached to your pillow specifically, bring it. Otherwise they have lots of pillows there. Hospital pillows are white, so bring your pillow in a non-white pillow case so maintenance does not confuse the pillows.
  • Phone Battery Pack
  • Power Strip / extension cord 
  • Big Yeti Cup: Hospital provides big double walled mugs for water to use and take home but if you particularly like your yeti’s ability to keep water ice cold this may be an essential to you.  My 2yo daughter ended up hijacking mine because it was a cool cup with a straw. 😉
  • Toiletries: shampoo/ conditioner/ soap/ razor/ hair ties/ deodorant/ etc. — some hospitals may have some shampoo or body wash combination
  • Hair dryer
  • Nursing Pads: you may or may not leak in the hospital
  • Light Makeup
  • Lip Balm
  • Sounds Machine: if you are sensitive to possible noise from other rooms
  • Tablet/ Computer: for me all I wanted to do was sleep, so not a big deal if you forget. There is also a TV in the rooms as well.
  • Extra Bag:  for all the goodies you can take home like diapers/wipes etc.

Basically, I have found it is nice to shower once you’re able to walk again after delivery (if you get an epidural) which is a good point to then change into your own clothes. The mesh undies they have are great as you don’t need to worry about staining them from blood overflow. (sorry if that is TMI)

Personal note: these suggestions are from my experience delivering at Baylor Scott & White Lakeway & at St. David’s North. Some suggestions also come from other moms around Austin, Texas.

Kid / Toddler Friendly Restaurants – West Austin – Lake Travis/ Westlake/ Four Points

According to the Moms on Call Toddler Book toddlers only “have a 10-15 minute mealtime tolerance window” for sitting at a restaurant.  If your child has reached this stage, you already know what starts as this…

can quickly escalate to this…

…whether you like it or not. Your once sit back and relax- someone else is cooking and cleaning for you- is now far out the window.  And if you are trying to catch up with friends, you probably feel like that ship has sailed. The the question begins, how on earth are we supposed to enjoy eating out, what feels like, ever again!?

Tips and tricks on eating out with a toddler is whole nother blog, but today we will talk about one of the tips… go to a restaurant that has a playground or a safe play area.

Here is the compiled list of best restaurants to eat at with small children by region:

Lake Travis/ Lakeway/ Bee Cave area Restaurants:

Westlake Restaurants:

Four Points/ Steiner Ranch Restaurants:

Out of all of these toddler friendly restaurants, I for sure have my favorites to take this little one to, but as everyone has their own pallets and price range I wanted to keep this more as a comprehensive list versus a review. Let me know if there are any places you LOVE that I missed. XO