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“I think we should adopt” – a journey of trying


“Four years. 4 years of trying, testing, tears, and more “whys” than I could count. Multiple failed fertility treatments, IVF, miscarriage, and feeling like a failure. Then on a car ride home from the beach in January it only took my dh looking at me and saying “I think we should adopt.” The weight I didn’t know I was carrying lifted off my shoulders & the tears fell. The next week we started the adoption process and just a few short months later we have our beautiful baby girl. She’s everything I dreamed my daughter would be and more. I’m thankful for all the pain bc it got us here but more than anything, I’m thankful for my dh saying that one sentence. “I think we should adopt.””

The journey of trying to conceive is different for everyone in Austin. Some are hard, some are easy, and some may just surprise you in the end. 🙂