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6 Spray Tanning Tips from The Tan Kitty

I hear my high school senior girls request to “make [them] look more tan” constantly when we schedule photography sessions around late winter/ early spring. Before, I always suggested they don’t get a spray tan, as the places I had experienced from myself and clients never looked quite natural. (Insider tip: if it doesn’t look 100% natural in real life, it will magnify in camera!)

Well, after moving out the to Lake Travis High School area I had an event, so accordingly I needed to make these legs that sit in a “photography dark room” all day a little less pasty. After much research I found The Tan Kitty who was also new to the Lakeway / Bee Cave area. She pretty much 100% erased any negative thoughts I was having about spray tanning, so I thought a blog post inviting her along was a must!  Without further adieu, I want to welcome ….

Hey everyone! I am Jessica from The Tan Kitty.  I am SO glad that Stephanie found me, she is such a sweetheart. Since I was new to the area I was looking for THE IT photographer for my family and Stephanie and I were a match made in heaven – her work is exactly what I was looking for.  Here is a little snap from our last session. We did a “mommy and me” candy session with my two boys. This right here, this is us!

Any who, enough showing off my dinosaur loving cuties, here are a few tips to prep you for your next spay tan session and a few on how to make that glow last as long as possible.




1. To get the maximum benefits of your spray tan, you will need to exfoliate your skin with a loofah, bath poof or scrub. This removes all of the dead skin so your spray tan is going onto a fresh, clean layer of skin.

2. DO NOT PUT ON ANY LOTION, PERFUME, MAKE-UP, DEODORANT, ETC, on before your spray tan. Anything on your skin will keep the solution from absorbing evenly.

3. Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment. The less rubbing on the spray tan, the better it will set and last. The looser the clothes, the better.


4. Absolutely no exfoliating procedures should be done during the time in which you wish to keep your tan. I suggest shaving with coconut oil or hair conditioner to help extend life of your spray tan.

5. To increase the life of your spray tan, it is recommended to keep your skin moisturized with a good moisturizing lotion twice a day. I recommend Hempz products.

6. Days after your tan or when your tan starts to fade, keep in mind that some areas rub more than others, you may experience light blotchyness. Easily exfoliate those areas to keep your tan looking fresh.

With proper care your tan will last you up to 7-10 days. You may spray again when you are ready. If you still have spray tan on, you will need to exfoliate it all off and start fresh.

Remember, spray, don’t lay. 😉

Click here to easy book your Tan Kitty Spray Tan Appointment now.


Ariella’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash Portraits

Meet Ariella… again!

You may remember her from her newborn portrait session. Well now Ariella has turned 1!  This poor sunshine was a little under the weather at our photo session, but I think we still did quite okay with photographing a few sweet smiles. 🙂

What do you think of the cake smash mash up timeline print? I am so excited to have this as a brand new print product at the studio. I am also offering this mash up for the 6 month photo session, or after they can sit up on their own with some baby food (instead of cake). Ask about the “watch me grow” session package for a close up on your little one’s first year of life.



Rachel’s 3rd Birthday Photoshoot


Meet Rachel. Again. She is my crazy, sweet, adorable & expressive niece – and today she is Three!

The dresses you see here were worn by her grandmother as a child. Her father (Rachel’s great-grandfather) brought them home from Korea while he was over during the war. I am so glad we got to squeeze in a portrait session with the dresses as I know they hold a very dear place in her grandmother’s heart.

Happy Birthday sweet little Rachel.



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