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Shelter In Place Quarantine Status

Travis county is under a “Shelter in Place” Quarantine status, so we are temporarily closed. As we are a non-essential business, we are following the law to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As we are doing our duty, we have both of our tiny humans home with us so communication is slowed down immensely to you and all of our clients. Please be patient during this world crisis, as they are not old enough to understand what is going on and that we need to work.

Since we can’t see anyone else, we were able to get in a little session with my own baby. The shirt JD is wearing belonged to his great grandpa John Daniel. It was made and embroidered by his mother our of a flour sack!

vintage toddler photography

vintage baby studio photographyvintage toddler studio photography


Daddy/ Daughter Dance: The Hills of Lakeway Country Club

Meet Clara and Lee. (Part of my everything)

Lee was looking forward to bringing Clara to her first dance since she was born. Let’s just say he set a high bar for her first year at only 3- years-old. In our neck of the woods, in West Austin, daddy-daughter dances have become a huge hit with all the families. Are they a “thing” in your area?