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Happy Holidays from Stephanie Anne Studios’ family!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Luna is now 5 months old and 24 LBS.  Zoe is 4 months old at 19 LBS. I only wish they would stay this size forever. 😉


With love,

Stephanie, Lee, Luna (Weimaraner) & Zoe (Whippet)

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Honolulu, Hawaii – April 2015

(NOTE: if you just want to see the trip pictures, you can view all of them here)

This April, the hubs was unfortunately forced to go Hawaii for a work conference, so, of course we had to make a trip out of it! It was both of our first times visiting and we didn’t really know what to expect. We didn’t have as much time as we would have wished for, so we decided just to stay in Honolulu. Here was our itinerary, and what did and did not happen on the adventure:


Arrival:  @4pm   5:30pm


(After waiting in line to take off, the flight attendant and pilot decided the seat right next to me was too broken to take off, so we had to go back and get it fixed.)

5- 7:30pm: Beach time

7:30 6:30: Dinner @ Tropics

(We were completely starving upon arrival, so we went to the hotel beach bar, which may I add, was not terribly good, The band was fun- but don’t recommend the food or drinks)

11:00 8:30pm: Sleep (That time change does something special to you!)


8:00 5:45am: wake up

10:00 8:00am – 2:00pm: Field trip to The Arizona Memorial & USS Missouri

(This was very high on my husbands bucket list, so I am really happy we could cross that off together! I was always terrible/ not that interested in History during school, but re-learning everything in person was an experience – I definitely learned a lot, and opened my heart with pride and tears.)

2:30pm: Lunch @ Dukes

(This place was pretty good for a beach bar, especially the drinks!)

5:00pm: Luau

(After the Luau we finally got to touch the beach as we relaxed and did some yoga under the moonlight)


RELAX on the beach by the private pool with extra soft cushions till our friends arrive!

7:00 pm: Dinner @Uncle Bob’s or Billys? Whatever it was the food was pretty good. We pretty much sampled everything.


10am- 3pm: Hike Diamond Head while the husbands are at the conference

10am: workout at the gym

11:30am: Relax by the pool while the husbands are at the conference for 30 minutes 7 hours

(Yep, they fooled us, turns out we could have gone to Diamond Head. :P… there is always next time?)

8:00pm: Dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

(This dinner made up for the big fat slight lie about how long they would be gone. BY FAR the best steakhouse I have ever eaten at. I love me a really good steak, but they always give me bad heartburn – this dry-aged steak , for once, did not!)


6:00am: Bye bye Honolulu

AND NOW… what you are probably really here for.. the pictures! 🙂


Taken from land of the USS Arizona Memorial. The Memorial floats over the sunken ship and what you see here (the brown rusted looking part) is the only piece that resides above water.


Taken inside the Arizona Memorial. The names inscribed on the wall are all the men that went down with their ship. The names on the lower part were the men that survived the Pearl Harbor attack. As they pass they can be buried with their brothers inside the Arizona.

Entrance of the Battleship Missouri Memorial. “They fought together as brothers in arms; they died together and now they sleep side by side. To them we have a solemn obligation – the obligation to insure that their sacrifice will help to make this a better and safer world in which to live.” – Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Apparently my husband chose the right profession. He was not built to be a sailor. 😉

Taken on the USS Missouri. My grandfather was on this very ship watching this event take place.

Luau pre-show

Jerry was a hoot. He was one of the hosts of the Luau. Here, he is praying that he doesn’t slice his hand off while teaching us how they traditionally would open a coconut (with a machete).

Luau pre-show

Jerry teaching us how to climb a tree to get coconuts.

Luau Selfies

Luau selfies 😉


Taken during the Luau. During the main show they took us through the different traditions of the islands near by and had a wardrobe of each.

Click here to see more pretty pictures of my Hawaii trip. 

All in all, it was very relaxing, but Austin sunsets are way prettier! 😉

Austin, Texas sunset

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Senior 2016 Ambassador Program

Stephanie Anne Studios is currently in search of fun and fabulous 2016 Seniors to represent Stephanie Anne Studios for the 2015-2016 school year.  Ambassadors will have gorgeous images to show off to their friends and classmates plus some really fabulous perks!

What makes a great ambassador?

Loves having fun and being in front of the camera – that doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel!

Friendly, fun & approachable personality!

Willing to put yourself out there – the more people that mention you when they book, the more rewards you get!

Either attends Westwood High School or Vandegrift High School (Up to 1 girl from each school will be selected!)

How it works:

Together we will choose your outfits for a fun and creative photo session. On the day of, after glamming up with professional hair & makeup, we will begin with the in studio formal session, then head to an outdoor location for more stunning portraits.

A few days after the session, I will give you personalized social media ads you can text and tweet all around. For every senior that mentions your name and books a portrait session you will earn credit toward prints. Also, the more people that you refer, the better the perks get!

The perks:

Free Elite Session – that’s my top session – which includes an in-studio and on-location portrait session  (over $200 value)

Free professional hair & airbrush makeup by the incredible Gertie Glam ($200 value)

For every person that books because of your referral, you get $25 credit toward prints If you refer or more seniors you get a second free on-location session – but this time everything from clothing to location is 100% your choice! ($175 value)

If you refer 10 or more seniors your second free session is upgraded to an Elite session – and everything from clothing to location is 100% your choice! (over $200 value as there is normally a minimum purchase)

If you refer 15 or more seniors you get free professional hair & makeup for your second session OR makeup is 100% on me for prom (up to $200 value)

Is there anything I should know if I am chosen as the Ambassador?

Your session has to take place by May 16, 2015

You must keep the images we provide as your profile pictures on all social media outlets through March, 2016

You must tag Stephanie Anne Studios & Gertie Glam on all social media related to your session

Parents/ legal guardians must sign a model release allowing use of your images for all marketing materials

You will be able to purchase any images or prints from the model session once 3 people have booked their session from your referral

Referrals are considered to be people that book and purchase their sessions and mention you are who referred them. (I do ask every client how they heard about me so referrals don’t slide through without being recognized)

So now, How do I become the 2016 Ambassador for Stephanie Anne Studios?

E-mail me ASAP ( photos@stephannestudios.com ) and include why you think you should be the 2016 Senior Ambassador. Also, please include links to all of your social media profile pages so I can get a more in depth feel of who you are. I will then go over the next steps from there! Remember we have to get everything done before May 16th, so act fast!

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#willyoubemyMALAntine Yoga Challenge

Beginning February 1st was a 10 day Instagram yoga challenge with poses I had not come close to conquering. Luckily my good friend Krystin is a pro (in my book) and she helped me along this journey.

The minute Krystin invited me to the challenge a light bulb hit to also make it a lighting challenge for my own personal project. Following are a few of the days. Enjoy!

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - baby grasshopper

Baby Grasshopper Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - photo - astava Krasana

Astava Krasana Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - tittibhasana

Tittibhasana Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - Compass pose

Compass Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - Parsva Bakasana

Parsva Bakasana Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - Eka Pada Galavasana

Eka Pada Galavasana Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - dancers pose

Dancers Pose

yoga - photography - Austin - Texas - dancer pose

Dancers Pose

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Have you seen mustaches creeping up everywhere this month? If so, they are most likely supporting The Movember Foundation. If you have not heard of it, the Movember (Mustache November) Foundation concentrates specifically on awareness and raising money for prostate cancer, testicular cancer & men’s mental health. The entire month of November each member grows their ‘stache out for a fun way to inspire people to donate money.

The men of the Atomic Althetes of Austin, Texas created a team at the foundation, to help raise money for this great cause. Today, I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot for one of it’s members to help support. David Lawson showed up to the shoot in a nice flannel shirt, so we decided to beef it up a little with an ax and the cabin in the back of my studio. David’s profile is now up and ready for donations!

Movember Foundation - Atomic Athlete - Austin Texas

Thanks to Dave for including Stephanie Anne Studios in this great project and thank you to all of those gnarly ‘staches out there saving lives!

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