Baby Howard

24weeks,2 days & 12 weeks, 2 days

We are so excited to announce Baby Howard arriving around August 17th! Directly below you will find a few videos, then below that, you will find still images you can click on and scroll through. Enjoy!


Above: You can see the heart fluttering and baby hiccuping.


(above & below) Baby Howard needs head rubs already.

(above & below) Baby Howard with Hiccups

The next one is the coolest video. Baby Howard was moving like crazy the whole time. Hopefully that is not what’s in store for Stephanie. 😉

BELOW: The first 8 still images are from our latest ultrasound (24 weeks). The rest are from the 12 week ultrasound. PS. The 3D images that look like she has a mustache is her umbilical cord. 😉