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Easton’s 9-month-old Christmas Portraits

Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-4

Meet baby Easton. He is now 9-months-old!

Easton is sitting up on his own and is now starting to stand up with a little help keeping steady. Easton’s father grew up 3 houses away from me growing up and has stayed good friends with my brother. I was so excited when he asked me to do Easton’s very first Photoshoot in this Colleyville, Texas park. You could definitely say he is a handsome little boy.

Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-9Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-5Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-6Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-10Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-7Austin-Texas-Newborn-Photographer (222 of 1)-8

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