Stephanie Anne is having a baby!


After several years of trying with a few heartbreaks in-between, Lee and I are SO excited to announce we have a baby girl on the way, coming August 17th!

After we found out the gender we wanted a fun way to reveal it to our parents. A few ideas and hurdles later, we landed on sending our moms these beauts a few days after Valentine’s Day! (We have known her middle name would be Rose since before she existed as it runs on both sides of our family.)


As far as my pregnancy so far, week 5-11 was full of me being completely brain dead or completely exhausted. If I needed food I was extremely nauseated, but then I got extremely nauseated a lot, so eating was my cure- which ends up being a bad start to the waist line, especially when you can barely get your work done, let alone workout.  On the other hand I am very thankful I never got sick enough to have to toss my cookies. After week 11 everything took a turn for the better. I still had those symptoms occasionally, but at least it wasn’t all day everyday. Just this past week (week 13-14) I have started gaining some real energy and have been able to be a real human again! 😉

Anywho, now time for the progress photo, which may partly be ice cream. 😉


As I was too tired to do anything extra before week 14, this is my first official progress photo, but I do have a week 3 photo for comparison.

(Side note: Last year my workout goal was to be able to do a handstand by the end of the year. Although I had a few setbacks like knee surgery and such, I think I did pretty well. After I found out I was pregnant, I did some internet research about inversions while pregnant and decided it was best to stop the practice. After finally talking with my doctor, I wish I never stopped. If you are a fit soon to be mommy, don’t read anything on the internet because it’s all old information – just keep doing what you do unless it feels off!)


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